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When God Winks by SQuire Rushnell

Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight.
Wish I may, wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight.

As a child, you trusted that every wish uttered into a sparkling nighttime sky would come true. As a child, you had the clarity to see possibilities, unencumbered by rational thought. You were able to trust in the future without reservation.

At what age did you conclude that wishes were merely childish things? Who told you to "grow up" and robbed you of your dreams?

Let's reclaim your childhood faith in wishes, and let's take it one step further to believe in yourself. Believe that if you wish for something, it can happen. Believe that you can be the "somebody" you wished you could be. Believe that you can change something about yourself that doesn't satisfy you.

When it comes to wishes, maybe it's time to stop being such a grownup, time to return to that state of mind when imagination allowed you the absolute freedom to ask for the impossible, the impractical, and the inconceivable. As adults, we call it prayer, visualization, or focus. But from a childlike mind-set, it's just wishing.

There is a powerful correlation between wishes and winks, because when your wish comes true or your prayer is answered, it sometimes comes in the form of a coincidence - a wink from God.

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If you were God and wished to get in touch with humans without using a voice, wouldn't you communicate through little miracles and coincidences - God Winks?

Your actions foster coincidences

Free will is yours. You can choose to live up to your potential or you can choose another path. During most of your life's journey, your hands are on the wheel. You can influence your future through prayer, visualization, and wishes. When you add your own potential and unique gifts to the mix, you will begin to see signs of encouragement - winks from above.

The following story provides proof. It is about a time that I put my wishes out there, to the cosmos, and then exercised my free will, steadily heading in the direction I believed to be my destiny, keeping the faith both in myself and in my maker, and staying alert to the guideposts - the God Winks - along the way...

The prayer that saved a life

Doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York worked feverishly to save my newborn son, who had been born in cardiac arrest. His own body waste, which he had inhaled while still in the womb, clogged his lungs and made it impossible for him to breathe on his own.

As I prayed over his incubator, I counted eighteen different tubes and wires protruding from his little body. Dials indicated that a respirator was handling 96 percent of his breathing; he was managing only 4 percent on his own.

His chances for survival were extremely limited.

I had committed to being at his side, praying for him around the clock, catching a catnap every three hours or so. I prayed and prayed, asking God to spare his life.

It was 6 A.M. on the second day of my son's life when I noticed him trembling, then convulsing. I yelled for the nurse. She told me I was witnessing a seizure. As she disappeared to summon a doctor, I noticed a dark substance passing through the transparent tubes that came from his lungs. The seizure was helping to expel the blockage to his little lungs.

Within moments I spotted something else that gave me a surge of joy. The dial attributing his breathing to the machine was beginning to drop. My son's own breathing was beginning to increase!

By 8:30 A.M., the respirator dial dropped to 45 percent, meaning that 55 percent of my son's breathing was on his own power!

I had witnessed a miracle. I had prayed for my son, and he was saved. There was damage to his brain he will always have learning challenges but he is alive and well, a sweet, smart young man with an enormous capacity to sing hundreds of songs by heart.

That powerful wink from God was a confirmation that we can wish very deeply for something, believe that it will happen, and it will happen.

Wish for your own winks

Now you try it. Make a wish. Allow yourself a childlike leap to the vision of your future. You have the power within yourself to cause coincidences to happen to you. Here are some questions to ponder:

  • When you were young and wished upon a star, what was your desire? Did someone in your family or school deride you, saying you were just a dreamer? It's time to erase the negative tape in your mind that has been playing those thoughts over and over. Erase it, and replace it with a positive recording that your childhood wishes are possible. Write it in your wink diary.
  • Right here and now, what would you really like to see yourself doing in life? In other words, what do you wish for? What is your dream? Don't hold back by listening to those voices who told you to "be realistic." Write it down, in rich, reach-for-the-stars detail.
  • Now look at the list of your abilities that you made in the last chapter. It contains clues to your destiny. As you've accumulated these talents, skills, and abilities throughout your life, you have been quietly preparing yourself for your dreams all along. Now, write ways you can use those abilities to move toward your dreams. For example, what sorts of careers excite you and require your special set of skills? What type of people mesh best with your personality strengths? Name three ways you can put yourself in a position to step into those careers and meet those sorts of people.
  • Who have you always wanted to meet? All it takes is research to find out where they are going to be - and the gumption to become visible to them. Frequently we roadblock ourselves by saying, "Oh, they are too busy to speak with someone as unimportant as me." The fact is, most people are flattered that someone wants to meet them. Write down the name of a person you'd most like to meet - perhaps a contact who can land you a job in the field you enjoy, a person whose life you admire and wish to learn from. Name three steps you can take to spend some time with that person.

Copy your list and post it somewhere you can see it every day - the refrigerator door, the bathroom mirror - and then believe that as long as you are moving toward your destiny, somewhere, sometime, there'll be a wink - a coincidence that will show up like a neon signpost in the fog, confirming that you are on the right path.

You can use your dreams as the first step to creating your own coincidences.

You can count on it: God Winks will occur.


I am the type that doesn't take the time to read, but I was drawn to this book. I loved it so much that I have been buying copies and giving to my friends and family...It's wonderful!
Carol Wingert
5 out of 5 Stars

Very Thought Provoking...Gives hope

I was so glad when I found this book. I am going through a period in my life that is filled with much uncertainty. Although I already understand the 'winks' from God, I didn't know what they meant. I see signs everywhere, everyday.
Spiritual Junkie
5 out of 5 Stars

Everyone wants a God wink

The hospital recommended this book at an in-service for volunteers. Since that time, we have ordered a number of these books three times...it has become the best seller for volunteers and staff alike. We are constantly hearing stories about a 'God winks' and it has really raised everyone's spirits.
A Volunteer
5 of 5 Stars